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Allison and Ian Haynes
Park House.

"Cue M&S food advert music – There are builders........... and then there is Churchill Property Restoration Ltd!! Churchill turn on its head all stereotypes about builders.

They are efficient, PUNCTUAL!!, can work to a time frame and a budget. Where most builders suck their teeth and look blank when a problem arises, Churchill solve the problem and offer creative ideas to get over hurdles while not losing sight of the economics that we all worry about.

We have recently employed Churchill Property Restoration to construct a large two storey extension and connect an existing unused building to the main house. Throughout the process Lee has been there to ‘hold our hand’. To say that they go above and beyond the call of duty is not an exaggeration. We realise now, at the end of the job how difficult it could have been if we had entrusted the work to less capable hands. There are so many decisions and money issues doing a project like this that without trust and faith in the people you are dealing with you could get into so much anguish and grief. What impressed us the most is the attention to detail which is nothing short of fanatic!!

Lee really cares about buildings and their outcomes. The old part of our house was altered to marry in better with the new part, the bricks were matched, the lines are straight, the feel is totally sympathetic. We doubt that anyone else would have taken the care that Lee has to make this house look fabulous.

Lee has his team of Mark (can do everything and solve every problem!) and Terry (can lift anything and dig anywhere!). Together with these two Lee employs only sub contractors who meet his very exacting standards. If they do not perform then they do not last long! We cannot recommend Churchill Property Restoration highly enough and would unhesitatingly use them for any future work."